5 Tasty British Hot Sauces to Blow Your Tastebuds Away

The British aren’t well known for growing chillies. It ain’t easy – I know this for a fact, after the “Great Chilli Challenge of 2017”. With a full 6 months of careful nurturing on the windowsill, my chilli plants reached their spectacular final form – seedlings a pathetic 2 inches high, and not a chilli to be found.

I made up my mind that it must be impossible to grow chillies in Britain – only to discover that a friend had produced a spectacular crop of chillies – so many that he didn’t know what to do with them. Maybe I’m not so green fingered after all.

Turns out it is possible to make hot sauce in Britain, and here's 5 of the best!


#5: Sauce Shop Sriracha (Sauce Shop)

Described as a “natural version of the Southeast Asian Classic” this savoury sweet Sriracha is a fantastic twist on the traditional – and we love the label. British made and all natural ingredients, available from sauceshop.co.uk (£3.99).

#4: Full Moon (Moon Hot Sauce)


Made in London, and blended from locally sourced scotch bonnets and bird's eye peppers with plenty of cocoa, and a touch of garlic and cayenne, this is one not to be missed. Grab a bottle from moonhotsauce.london (£4.50).

#3: Bloody Hell Hot Sauce

Hand crafted in small batches in the Isle of Wight, this scary looking sauce packs a serious punch, with Habanero and Chipotle in the mix – if that bottle doesn't warn you what's in store, nothing will! Available from bloodyhellhotsauce.com (£10).

#2: Cherry Bomb (South Devon Chilli Farm)

We're big fans of the South Devon Chilli Farm, undoubtedly the best grower in Britain – and we love this versatile and tasty sauce! With a “medium” heat rating, it's great when flavour is what you want. Get your hands on a 6-pack of this super versatile sauce from southdevonchillifarm.co.uk (£3.57)


#1: Holy Fuck Hot Sauce (The Rib Man)

With scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia chillies – this is not a sauce for the light hearted. Made in London (fresh to order!) don't expect this one to go down without a fight. Get yours at theribman.co.uk (£5).



Have we missed something great from our list? Let us know in the comments!