7 Bento Lunch Recipes to Make Your Colleagues Envious!


Possibly, every Bento lunch user has once said it to his co-workers. And, why wouldn’t anyone taunt their co-workers, when these Bento Lunch recipes are so tempting. (Trust us; your office mates might even have tried to steal it from the fridge). Hold on, these creative mixes are so damn good that you can’t just blame them!

Here you go with some mind-blowing recipes that satisfy even the craving of your soul.

  1. Korean Potato Bowl

Craving for Korean food for lunch? Anytime you are yearning for Korean food for lunch, whip up this delicious dish. With such Bento Lunch recipe, you are surely going to make at least one of your colleagues ask for a bite. The tangy cucumbers and sesame carrots are there to make this dish even more luscious.

  1. Chicken Meatball Bento

Let them desire for a Chicken meatball bento, as soon as you open the lid of your box.

Super scrumptious and soft chicken meatballs packed with crab salad, egg, broccoli, fruits, and ham flower will make you taste some of the best ingredients together in one dish.

  1. Asparagus Pork Rolls Bento Box

Easy-to-make recipe that will make you and of course your co-workers want more of it with every bite. The credit goes to the asparagus pork rolls that make it taste so incredible. Enjoy the asparagus pork rolls!

  1. Salami and Cheese Bento

Are you running out of time but need to prepare something great too for the Bento Lunch?

Salami and Cheese Bento Box is the perfect pick to make your lunch grand.

The go-to lunch from elementary school recipe just got an adult makeover with this tasty recipe. We guarantee you the envy of the break room as you open your Bento Lunch packed with Crunchy veggies, Cheeses, and Salami.

  1. Vegan Loaded Sweet Potato

Lunch and potatoes are when clubbed together for the lunch; a phenomenal dish is served in your Bento Lunch. Ignoring potatoes for lunch is nothing less than a sin. Sweet potatoes with yummy toppings like avocado and black beans are something worth trying. After all, an incredibly healthy meal is what makes your colleagues covetous.

  1. Mango Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

Imagine one side of your Bento Box filled with lettuce cups and the other with filling mango and tempeh mix! What can be as satisfying as this to your gut?

Make your lunchtime the best time with these luscious wraps and be ready to impress your colleagues once again.

  1. Baked Tofu and Potato Salad Bento

Even if you are a tofu-phobic, the barbecue sauce is going to make you fall in love with this super scrumptious Baked Tofu and Potato Salad Bento. This plant-based protein is what will make your lunch even better with that mix of raw veggies, potato salad, and even that small cube of dark chocolate.

A healthy lunch is what makes a healthy man. With such delicious recipes available to be packed in your Bento Lunch, there is no chance to grab something unhealthy during your lunch break. Of course, these dishes are going to make your colleagues jealous, but this is what will motivate to buy their own as well.

So, get this lunch, pack these tasty dishes, close the lid, and be ready to make your lunch break superb.