Bento Box Lunch Ideas: Healthy and Insta-Worthy Dishes!

Bento Box Lunch Ideas: Healthy and Worth-Capturing Dishes!

Fun, creative, and cute! Well, these terms truly represent a Bento Box. These adorable boxes are ruling since the 16th century and still making many people fall in love with them. Colorful, tough, and ready to make anyone jealous, well, this is the power of bento boxes. Even bento box dishes are worth trying at least once in life.

So, here we have rounded up 10 of those luscious dishes that would perfectly suit your Bento Box this time!

Take a look!

  1. Finger-licking French Lunch Bento

When you want to spruce up your lunch, nothing can be better than this finger licking French lunch bento.

Here’s the Recipe!

Filled with baby gherkins, soft Brie, mini croissants, and grapes, you will fall in love with this super delicious treat. Let your colleagues enjoy the dish as well.

  1. Tempting Boiled Eggs and Cold Cuts Bento

Nothing can be as satisfying as this protein-packed lunch box. Hard-boiled eggs and cold cuts are the stars of this meal packed with proteins, which is surely going to make you healthy.

Here’s the Recipe!

Don’t forget to add your favorite veggies and fruits to make it a prefect lunch that everyone wants to eat.

  1. Delectable Ham and Swiss Bento

Another delectable option for your lunch could be a yummy mixture of lettuce, cheese, piling ham filled into a small roll, where you will even find fruit and yogurt flowing in all the corners.

Here’s the Recipe!

Don’t hesitate to spice up the sandwich with all those extra nutrients, as this will only and only add to the taste of your meal.

  1. Scrumptious Sushi Sandwiches

Nothing can make that tuna salad as classy as dainty finger sandwiches. Just let these sandwiches give you the sushi effect as you fill the canned tuna fish, cucumbers, carrots, and seasonings as per your taste between two flattened slices of bread.

Here’s the Recipe!

Just roll the bread with these fillings and be ready to enjoy a nice sushi look alike in your lunch.

  1. Sassy Salmon and Shrimp Salad

Get your dose of omega 3 with the bento dish that is prepared with love. Let those cooked shrimp settle in garlic, onion, oregano, and olive oil mixture overnight.

Here’s the Recipe!

And, when the flavors are rolled up completely in the shrimps, toss some smoked salmon on its top to get the meal ready for you.

  1. Yummy Potato and Tofu Salad

One of the best things about bento box is that it allows space for everything, without mixing them up. Incredibly simple to prepare, this salad is just a mix of four ingredients, which are pickles, pepper, potatoes, and chipotle mayo.

Here’s the Recipe!

Make it taste even yummier, as you pour in some Greek Yogurt this time.

  1. Flavorful Barley and Chicken Salad

Up your health with chicken and barley salad and let them get envious as soon as you open your lunch box in front of them.

Here’s the Recipe!

Barely has tons of fiber, which makes it a nice addition to your bento.

  1. Scrummy Tofu dipped in Sweet Sauce

Turn tempting tofu into something so delicious that everyone wishes to eat it.

Here’s the Recipe!

Pour some soy sauce, fresh ginger, and garlic in tofu and don’t forget to add a side of grain to make your lunch on-the-go a cinch.

  1. Pungent Pinto Bean Wrap

You know what a perfect bento stuffer is! Well, it is a pinto bean wrap, where whole-wheat tortillas jam-packed with pinto beans, quinoa, and brown rice.

Here’s the Recipe!

This makes a perfect bento lunch!

  1. Colorful Bento Treat

Nothing can beat a super attractive colorful arrangement of peas, corn, tomatoes, and carrots to prepare a perfect bento lunch box.

Here’s the Recipe!

Just layer them up in the rows for a colorful treat to your eyes.

Right from the kids to the working people, this very thing is trending is like anything in almost every corner of the world. And, who wouldn’t like to pack their favorite dishes in the perfectly portioned, fun, and creative way with such admirable boxes!

So, go ahead and try these delicious bento box dishes right away!