How to Make a Japanese Style Bento: Easy-to-Follow Guide

Let's learn how to make a perfect Japanese style Bento Box!

Bento lunches are just so satisfying, and really gives you something to look forward to during your day. A healthy bento lunch is something that everyone craves for, and your co-workers will try to steal.

And why not, when this lunch is packed with such awesome flavours. Only hardcore foodies can describe how much they love savouring their favourite dishes from these lunch boxes.


But how is the perfect Japanese style bento lunch prepared? Is there a special way to do so? Well, if we believe the experts (or even our mums), there is a particular way to pack the bento lunch, to get the perfect balance – healthy, with about 600 calories per portion!

Don’t worry if you are a beginner in this, as we have gathered some bento lunch box packing tricks to make it simpler for you.

So, up your bento lunch box packing game with this step-by-step guide!

Ready-to-go? Grab your favourite Bento Box!

Start by picking a bento lunch box to pack your food. Of course, having a Japanese Bento Box is great, but in case, you don’t have one, picking any bento box would do.


So, now as you have your bento box with you, this is how you are going to pack it!

  1. Pack Meal Proportionately

The rule is to divide the meal proportionately with different types of food. There should be a minimum of four types of food including veggies, fruits, carbohydrates, and proteins.

The correct balance of these foods is what makes a perfect bento lunch box! For those who are new to this, you can consider packing 2 parts of veggies and prepare a different container for fruits to pack a healthy lunch box.

  1. Color it Up!

The more colours, the better! When choosing foods to pack in your bento box, picking bold colors will make it look vivid and vibrant. Shop for some bright fruit and veggies, as they not just look beautiful but are good for your health as well.

Take this easy-to-follow colourful guide with you, to shop for the perfect ingredients at the supermarket.

  • Start with GreensCucumber, green beans, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, green onion, spinach, okra, green peas, kiwi, snap peas, asparagus, and parsley can be some of those greens in your lunch box.
  • Proceed to Oranges and Yellows: Orange and yellow like sweet potatoes, oranges, bananas, lemon, and even bell pepper can make your box look brighter and better.
  • Don’t forget the Brown and Black Portion: Don't cut out the brown and black colours, as you can try black sesame seeds, blueberries, gobo, hijiki, mushroom, gobo, and even shiitake for your lunch, if you're feeling adventurous.
  • Wrap some Whites: White foods could be mushroom, onion, radish, and white sesame seeds are perfect to add that nice white shade to your bento box.
  • Shop for Ravishing Reds: Grab some apples, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, and some more reds to your shopping basket to later spruce up your bento lunch box.
  1. Tightly Packed Food is Good!

You don’t want the food shift in your bento box, right? Packing food tightly is the key to secure food from shifting to other sections. So, all you need to do is:

  • Pack bulky food first along with other pre-shaped stuff
  • Place flexible food in the remaining spaces
  • Lastly, place tiny foods like cherry tomatoes or corn to fill those small gaps

Of course, nobody likes messy lunch box, so tightly pack everything to keep it in shape.

Snack Packing – Order is Important!

Follow this placing order to store everything in perfectly (and in the right amount, of course).

Pack Carbs

Half of your lunch box must be filled with carbs. Be it your favorite pasta or wraps, sandwich, or white rice, make sure that one side of your bento box is filled with one of these ingredients, that way you'll have enough calories to sustain you throughout the day.

Pack Proteins

Do you love to eat chicken or eggs? Well, this is the right time to place some in your box after you have placed some carbs in the bento. You can even replace chicken with pork, tofu, beef, or any other source of protein dishes to fill your lunch with a proper proportion of proteins.

Lastly, Pack Veggies and Fruits

Veggies and fruit are important to make our mind, body, and soul healthy. So pack in some fresh green veggies and colorful fruit to complete your bento lunch box.


Preparing bento is an art! You can as be creative as you like, but it's not something that will consume an hour or two. Just a few minutes and your bento is ready to pack.

Go ahead and try today – your co-workers will be jealous!