Super Cool Bento Box Lunches for Kids: 4 Fun Recipes to Try Now!

Jazzing up bento lunch box for your kiddos is easy now… A few recipes can make your Bento box even more appealing and surely, your kids will love that too. So, let’s see what can you cook for your little lovelies this time!


An adorable bento box lunch idea is a perfect pick for every kid. Not only it makes them eat everything inside, but also keep them happy with its bright colors and adorable designs. So, here we are presenting some tempting recipes to fill your hungry bellies and put smiles on the faces of your little cuties today.

So, here’s how to pack those extra cute lunches!

Beautiful Butterfly Bento

One of the cutest themes for Bento boxes could be the Butterfly Bento Theme. In this lunch box, your kiddo will be enjoying butterfly shaped sandwiches.


And, when it comes to fruits section, you can use a butterfly shaped cookie cutter to get the shape for the theme. This will make all those healthy foods look more enticing to kids and they will surely love to eat it happily.

Under the SEA Bento

Any kid who loves to play in the waters, this might be the perfect thing for such baby. You may use peanut butter, sliced strawberries, and even bananas to complete this lunch box. Your cookie cutter will surely come handy to prepare this lunch box as well. Prepare the dolphin cut out with the help of cutters and pair it with Clementine sailboats.


You can top these sailboats with your favorite cheese and make it even yummier than it really is. Place some sliced cucumbers for that starfish look and drop some peas into the box for that enticing look. You can even add cucumbers cut as starfish and a side of snap peas completes the combo. Get the Under the Sea Bento Box recipe.

Easy Picnic Box

Hey, mums, this is the time to capture your favorite summer picnic in your kiddos bento box. The traditional chicken salad dipped clubbed with Greek Yogurt and seedless grapes have also been added for enhancing the flavors.


Simply pair the chicken salad with ants on a log, some fresh strawberries, and a side of whole-wheat crackers. Get this cute Bento box ready for your kid and let his/her friends enjoy the delicious food as well.

Cute Superhero Bento

Give your cutie a boost at lunchtime, as you pack this cute superhero lunch box for your little one. After all, your cutie also needs a super healthy lunch, right? Get a bat shaped cookie cutter and cut those sandwiches in the shape of this superhero.


Besides this, you can even cut the veggies and fruits in fun shapes that represent a superhero. Try this lunch box theme for your little one and make him fall in love with his lunch box again.

Bento box is super creative and fun way to make your baby eat all those healthy foods, which he/she might use to ignore once. Just follow a theme, cut those greens and fruits in nice shapes with the cutter, and make a perfect bento box for your kid right away.