Want to try Bento Box Cooking? Here’s 4 Tips for Newbies!

An extraordinarily creative and fun way to pack your food is to pack it in a Bento Box! We have gathered some amazing tips that will make your bento box packing easier than ever before.


Packing bento box is an art so why not go through these, here’s how you newbies can pack your bento box like a pro!

  1. Little Investment is Better

No doubt, bento boxes are a fun and creative way to eat your lunch, but investing too much just in your box and accessories is a big no no. In fact, you should invest as little as possible in bento accessories. Surely, these boxes will entice you, but you can always control your expenses on these boxes.


If not on the box, you can always save money on the accessories like forks, spoons, chopsticks, food cups, dividers, and many other things by using your old accessories that you may already have in your kitchen. Consider replacing dividers with aluminum foil and use disposable chopsticks, toothpicks, and disposable plastic forks and spoons for saving a few bucks for yourself.

  1. Save Time; Use Frozen Food

Once you have learned this technique, there is no way you are will run out of time in the morning.


Simply freeze precooked meals and pack it in your bento the next day to save time, especially if you usually run late for work. Here are a few ingredients that you can freeze for your bento

a) Rice- No, you don’t have to cook rice to make your bento, just defrost the frozen rice in the morning and pack yummy rice balls in the bento.

b) Pan Fried Foods- Cook and cool down completely the fried foods. Place them in the airtight container and freeze it for 3 weeks. Simply reheat when you want to use it. Let it cool completely before packing it in the bento box.

c)Veggies- Simply blanch the veggies and drain the water out. Let it cool and pat dry with paper towel to remove the moisture. Now, pack different veggies in plastic wrap and Ziploc bag for securing the veggies. Store in freezer for 2 or 3 weeks and pack directly into your bento box or cook while frozen.



  1. Pack Brown Bag Lunch Food

When you don’t have anything to cook, transferring the food from those ordinary brown bag to the bento can save your time and energy. The ingredients of bento boxes are not just restricted to Japanese foods.


So, it can be anything from those scrumptious sandwiches, wow wraps, precious pasta, and even salads, sometimes.

  1. Invest in an Air Tight Container with Dividers

Even that funky plastic box with divider can be your bento box, in case you don’t have one. So, your bento box doesn’t have to be too fancy or Japanese, precisely. Grab that old fancy lunch box having sections and pack your food like a pro. Just make sure that the lunch box has a good airtight lid that keeps moisture away from entering the box.


Don’t worry, if your box doesn’t have any dividers, as a simple one will also do. For those who only wish to buy a new bento box, you may find a variety of boxes to choose from. Be it the shape, size, color, or design, you will find a huge variety in bento boxes.


So, hey newbies, don’t hesitate if you haven’t packed food in the bento box yet. With these tips, you can confidently pack that bento box like a pro.

Happy Bento Packing!